Henkel’s TECHNOMELT is the leading choice for hot melt adhesives designed for the best results in our customers’ production processes and finished products. TECHNOMELT adhesives deliver superior cost-in-use and efficiency, and are trusted for reliability, quality and proven results.

Our Technomelt product line of hot-melts demonstrates both flexibility and superior bond strength. These side, joint and spine adhesives match customers‘ colour, temperature and speed requirements.

Technomelt Supra – The universal specialist
When Henkel set out to develop Technomelt supra, its aim was to combine the proven quality of the Technomelt product line, renowned for its easy processing and excellent bond strength, with even higher thermal stability and a greater adhesion range. But this is not all. Technomelt supra's performance potential in fact also satisfies many more demands of the packaging industry.

Technomelt supra – reduces your total costs

  •  Technomelt supra has much higher thermal stability than conventional adhesives. It doesn't gell, significantly reduces cracking and treats applicators and nozzles gently. It prolongs the equipment's service life and diminishes the need for spare parts.
  • Technomelt supra minimizes set-up time. Thanks to faster melting, production after machine shutdown (e.g. on weekends) can restart faster.
  • Technomelt supra has a considerably larger application range than conventionel hotmelts. A huge diversity of substrates and packages (wraparound cartons and trays, and even paper and cardboard with coated or varnished surfaces) can now be bonded with a single adhesive. It is thus possible to fully convert whole production facilities to Technomelt supra with all the associated benefits (e.g. lower storage requirements and no risk of confusion). Even two shot applications, i.e. the combined system of dispersions and hotmelts, can be dispensed with in many cases, as Technomelt supra covers a larger temperature range than standard hotmelts.
  • Technomelt supra is a virtually colorless and odorless. It is therefore excellently suited to the packaging of foods and confectionery.
  • Technomolt supra has an extra-high yield. Thanks to its superior bond strength, adhesives consumption can be appreciably reduced without compromising on performance.
  • At the same time, Technomelt supra has a lower density than standard hotmelts. This means that the quantity applied weighs less per unit of volume. And this reduces adhesive consumption, too.
  • Technomolt supra is particulary suitable for difficult applications situations, e.g. high memory forces or lack of counterpressure.

Technomelt Extra – A new highly sophisticated hotmelt for packaging industries
A newly developed range of packaging hotmelts in proven Technomelt quality for a broad spectrum of applications. The Technomelt Extra range comprises a variety of products that meet the needs of the packaging industries. Technomelt Extra offers an excellent price/performance ratio.

  • Technomelt Extra provides high thermal stability.
  • Technomelt Extra permits high machine speeds with precise and very clean application.
  • With its good adhesion properties, Technomelt Extra covers a broad range of application (e.g. trays, wrap-arounds, folding boxes).
  • Technomelt Extra can also be used for deep freeze packages under certain conditions.
  • Technomelt Extra minimizes the equipment cleaning effort.
  • Using Technomelt Extra can reduce downtimes and spare parts costs.
  • Technomelt Extra is supplied in with granules for a nearly transparent melt.
  • Due to their excellent flow properties and low density, Technomelt Extra products process more economically than conventional EVA-based hotmelts.

TECHNOMELT solutions enable our customers to create next-generation products in these industries:


  • Carton and case sealing for food, beverages and other consumer and industrial products
  • Labeling for bottles and cans


  • Baby diapers / nappies, adult incontinence, feminine hygiene and hospital and institutional disposable products

Pressure Sensitive Products

  • Pressure sensitive tapes, labels and self-adhesive graphics
  • Medical self-adhesive products and specialty disposable medical products

Construction, furniture and wood-working

Bookbinding, magazines, and catalogs

Filter assembly

Electronics / Electrical

  • Electronic circuit board and assembly encapsulation, molding and protection.
  • Molding and protection for wire harness and cables
  • Appliances, HVAC, cable manufacturing, 
  • Heat shrink closures

Automotive and Transportation

  • Panel lamination (e.g. caravans / RV’s)
  • Automobile interior assembly & lamination
  • Automobile exterior headlamp bonding
  • Commercial Vehicle (truck & bus) assembly

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