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Secure Success with LOCTITE Short description of One Loctite campaign

Using LOCTITE adhesives as an alternative to mechanical locking and fastening can help your business achieve a competitive advantage. If you’re looking to increase product reliability and improve your production process then it’s time for you to integrate the trusted choice of engineers worldwide into your design, manufacturing and maintenance processes.See how LOCTITE help engineers tackle some of the most extreme design challenges.

LOCTITE Oil & Gas Field Assembly and Maintenance

Henkel’s complete line of high performance adhesives, sealants and lubricants has been a trusted brand of choice in the oil and gas equipment industry for over half a century.

Sustainability – Professional Solutions for Industry

Henkel introduced its Sustainability Strategy 2030. Central to  this strategy is the simple but challenging ambition to triple our efficiency by either delivering three times more value with the same environmental footprint or reducing the footprint by one third while delivering the same value, in other words, achieving more with less.

Loctite Surface Engineering Solutions

Loctite Nordbak and Fixmaster Polymer Composite Products offer a complete choice of Surface Engineering Solution to Process and    Manufacturing industries to rebuild , repair and protect metal , concrete and rubber surface of equipments subjected to erosion , corrosion , cavitation and chemical attack.


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