Sellotape is the market leading brand in New Zealand commanding a major share of the retail stationery tape market.

Sellotape products are high quality, reliable, efficient, environmentally friendly and very solution oriented.
Sellotape is a heritage brand in NZ, everyone knows Sellotape!

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Brand History


  • 1950’s Sellotape® Brand comes to NZ
  • 1966 Manufacturing begins in NZ
  • 1994 ISO 9001 Quality Accreditation (now 2000 version)
  • 1998 Acquisition of Tiki Tape
  • 2002 Henkel acquisition of Sellotape®

Sellotape® dates back to 1937 when Colin Kininmonth and George Gray coated Cellophane film with a natural rubber resin, creating a 'sticky tape' product, which had been based on a French patent. They registered their product under the name 'Sellotape' and manufacturing soon commenced in Acton, West London.

Sellotape® is a registered trademark in 96 countries worldwide. The brand even has its own entry as a trademark in the Oxford Dictionary.

In 2002 Sellotape® was bought by Henkel Consumer Adhesives, part of the largest adhesives company in the

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