Training & Workshops

High-quality products are only as good as the people who use them. That's why we want to share our expertise with our customers.

We conduct skill-building training sessions, lectures, educational seminars and workshops. Best of all, our trainers know the kind of problems you encounter in your daily business. Rather than presenting theoretical, "lab-based" knowledge, they give you the tools and practical know-how for the successful application of our products.

Plastic Repair
Plastic are now more widely used as external panels on cars. Understand the methods used to prepare and repair plastic parts.

Seam Sealing
Vehicle panels need sealants to stop them corroding and leaking. Learn how and where to apply the correct sealant type and in for correct manor.

Underbody Repair / Rust Protection
The underside of the vehicle is the most prone to corrosion. Learn how to repair corroded areas and protect them for the future.

Panel Bonding
Learn to prepare and use constructive adhesive for bonding and weld bonding of panels and components on cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles.

Adhesive Bonding
Modern vehicle rely on adhesives to give them strength and stability. Learn how to prepare and repair body components, emergency repair, and perform light structural repairs.

DGX Windscreen Replacement
Learn the methods of automotive glass replacement and to understand current car manufacturers’ recommendations.

Mechanical Assembly
To understand the use of Loctite products in automotive applications such as engine, gearbox and shaft repair.

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